Till Feeders not Printing Out


You may face the issue that one or more of your till printer feeders does not print out or is not printing out clearly.


In most cases, doing one of the following can resolve the issue:

  • Ensure the printer is switched on and has paper loaded.
    • The light on the printer will be on and green if power is on and all is well.
    • Red light indicates possible paper jam – please check till roll.
  • Turn the printer off, restart the till, and switch the printer back on during the till's restart process.

If the issue persists, please reach out to the support team with the following information so that they can contact Esteem Team to check the problem unit:

  • Store Name
  • Store Address
  • Store Contact Number (phone on Site)
  • Store Manager's Name
  • Hardware Product (Till #)
  • Issue Details


Refer to the following article to log a ticket with Esteem: Logging a Ticket with Esteem for Prologic Hardware Issues.</supportagent>


Esteem will send someone to your site to check the printer and determine whether it needs to be replaced.



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