Is there a bulk loader option for migrating data from Infobright MySQl to Postgres?


You're looking to migrate data from Infobright MySQL to Infobright Postgres but are unsure if there is a bulk loader option available. You may be currently using the Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) tool, but may have noticed that this tool only supports Infobright MySQL and not Infobright Postgres.


There is a tool that can help you migrate from Infobright DB MySQL to Infobright DB Postgres called ibextmigrator.

This command-line tool is included as part of Infobright DB Postgres and it is documented in the attached User Guide of the Infobright DB v2019.2 on pages 108 to 112.

Once you have migrated from Infobright DB MySQL to Infobright DB Postgres, you will be able to use the Postgres bulk loader on Pentaho to directly load to the Infobright DB Postgres instance from a CSV file.




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