CORT Payroll update release dates



You may wish to know the expected release date of the latest CORT Payroll update, as you wish to use the new tax tables for your next payroll. 



CORT Payroll Releases are announced on Ignite Support's NuView Payroll Announcements Page.  You can also click the follow button as indicated below to keep up-to-date with all future releases: 

If for some reason the latest update is slightly delayed and you wish to know the status of when it will be released, please contact support

<supportagent>It is possible that the release is slightly delayed due to technical issues, e.g. the agent is unable to upload the release as in SFIT-111707. You can check the status of the latest releases for CORT on this JIRA Page, and enquire with the Engineer working on the update on why the release is delayed, and when the expected release date is. To find the relevant contact, click on the latest release e.g.: 

It is possible that if they are having issues uploading the release, they may be able to share with you a temporary Google Drive folder link with the release, which you can share with the customer before the release is officially uploaded to the release portal.</supportagent>



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