FUTA Rate of 0.6 for 2021


You notice that FUTA tax rate displayed in CORT for 2021 is 0.6: 

You wish to know whether this is correct, since the IRS has declared the FUTA rate for 2021 to be 6%. 



Note that the 0.6 entry in the field is in percentage, so the tax rate displayed is 0.6% and not a raw decimal (i.e. it is not 0.6 or 60%). 

This FUTA rate is also the correct tax rate, as per the IRS Article: Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return – Filing and Deposit Requirements:

The FUTA tax rate is 6.0%. The tax applies to the first $7,000 you paid to each employee as wages during the year. The $7,000 is often referred to as the federal or FUTA wage base. Your state wage base may be different based on the respective state’s rules.

Generally, if you paid wages subject to state unemployment tax, you may receive a credit of up to 5.4% of FUTA taxable wages when you file your Form 940. If you're entitled to the maximum 5.4% credit, the FUTA tax rate after credit is 0.6%. Generally, you're entitled to the maximum credit if you paid your state unemployment taxes in full, on time, and the state isn't determined to be a credit reduction state.



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