Card Machines not working: unable to connect to PED error


Some or all of your card machines are not working showing the error: Unable to connect to PED or Unable to acquire the PED.

You rebooted card machines with no change.


The problem might be due to the Hub 1 was not able to synchronize to Hub 2 due to the sync task in Hub 1 was failing.

Please check with your IT team and restart both Hub devices to make sure the state for both Hubs is reset. 

If the hub restart still doesn't resolve the issue or you need help with the restart, raise a support ticket explaining your problem and mentioning the faulty Till and the Prologic support team will be happy to assist you.


The issue is most probably with the hardware and therefore needs to be escalated to the Esteem. Log a ticket with Esteem and the hardware team will visit the customer to resolve their issue.




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