Trans Process Reverse Program did Not Generate a GL Posting Entry on FA Transaction Reversal


A user is trying to clean up the Fixed Assets register and finds some assets which had been disposed of twice by mistake. After using the Fixed Assets > FA Transaction Entry Menu > Trans Process Reverse program in FA to remove the duplicate disposal entry, no GL posting entry was created, and the user inquires if it should have been.


It is likely that the transaction reversed was from a different period.

Under Fixed Assets > FA System Administrator > Global Environment Maint, options exist in the DS4 screen to allow posting of prior years in the current period. If these are disabled, the reversal of historical transactions will not reflect in the current period GL:


These are normally disabled to prevent a reversal of historical transactions from being posted in the current period. Please refer to chapter 8.1 in the FA Operations Guide for detailed information on the Global Environment Maintenance function.



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