Removing/Uninstalling Surveyor from your server and PCs


You may have decommissioned the Surveyor application from your system, and you wish to know how to remove from your server database and from all your PCs. 



Follow the steps below to remove and uninstall Surveyor components from your Server and PCs: 

1. Server:
You can use the Add or Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel to uninstall the Surveyor server components. This will start the setup .msi file and gives you the appropriate options for the components installed. Run this process on each server that hosts a Surveyor component that you want to uninstall. For more details, you can refer to page 33 of the Surveyor Installation Guide attached with this article. 

2. PCs: 

For the PCs, you can perform the removal in two different ways: 

  1. Via the Setup program: Run the setup file SurveyorAgentSetup.exe and follow the instructions in the installation wizard (page 36 of the attached installation guide). It is also recommended to refer to check the process for removing the license from a client on page 70 of the attached Surveyor Administrator Guide.
  2. Bulk Removal: You can remove Surveyor from all the PCs in one go using the database removal process. Please follow the steps in this article to do so: Removing Devices Directly from the Surveyor DB.




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