Requesting a Verdiem Report for a Contract Customer


You are requesting an annual savings report for one of your contract customers.



THis option is no longer available

No Access to Customer's IT Network

If you do not have access to the customer’s IT network, please contact Verdiem support with the following information: 

  • Report requested
  • Report time period 
  • Customer name and location


Typically, agents setup a call to provide the report.

Please consult the SRT for the process of escalating a ticket to PS. PS will have to access the mailbox support@verdiem.comThe reports are configured to be sent regularly to that inbox. Support can not access the mailbox directly, and the person with access is likely to change over time.




Access Available to Customer's IT Network

The data can be retrieved via the reports feature within Surveyor. This is available for Surveyor version 6.4.101 and above. For further details on how to enable the reports feature, you can follow the steps below and review the attached Reports Configuration guide for further details:

  1. Go to your Reporting server (If you don't know what's your reporting server is, you can check the DeployReportsConfig.xml configuration file, which most probably will be in that path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Verdiem\Surveyor\Reports\")
  2. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager
  3. Go to the Report Manager URL

  4. Click on the URL you see there
  5. Click on the Verdiem folder, and then the Reports folder

  6. Search the reports for the name of your report and hit Enter
  7. You will see the report there, i.e.:

  8. Open the report, set the dates, and run it by clicking "View Report"
  9. Export each result as a PDF by clicking on the save icon.

Please note that the screenshots above were taken from a local test instance, considering a sample report, hence you may experience some minor differences in your particular case.


Once the reports feature is up and running you can run the Analytics report and check the different options available. The options are below:

  • Energy Savings summary -- Shows energy savings in various units across all devices, groups, and locations for the selected time period.
  • Costs - Two Time Period Analysis -- Shows the difference in energy use and costs for two different time periods.
  • Savings - Annualized Computer Savings Summary -- This shows the estimated annualized computer energy savings. Annualized projection uses data only from the selected date range.
  • Savings - Surveyor Annual Report -- PDF report showing various reports and recommendations for the previous year.

Note: For further details into this and other reports, you can review chapter 9 of the attached Administrator guide




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