The order stuck in a confirmed state instead of completed


You have an order that is shown as confirmed in CIMS but there is a despatch that has no items on it and a pick that has items but all quantities set to 0. Your customer service has asked that this order be marked as completed together with the old despatch/pick to be deleted if needed.


In order to set the state of the order to a completed state, the criteria is to have the total line quantity on the order must match with the despatch total line qty. This can be completed by recreating the despatch through the normal process. Hence, reset the despatch number for the payment to allow the despatch creation program to regenerate the needed despatch.

Please reach out to the Support Team and provide the order ID and the support team will reset the despatch so you can re-run the L0C program and generate a new dispatch.


The agent should have access to the DB and:

1. Reset the despatch number for the payment with the following SQL query:

update sor_payments set dsp_num = null where sor_num = <xxx> and dsp_num = <yyy>

2. Reset the item line despatch status:

update sor_items set dsp_state = 'NONE' where sor_num = <xxx>

The despatch can be found in the gtran_items table by searching the sor_num field, from these despatches, you can find the pick from discovered despatches, using the orig_dsp_num field's value to find the pick movement number.


select * from gtrans_items where sor_num = <xxx>


select * from gtrans_items where gtrans_num in (
select orig_dsp_num from gtrans_items where sor_num = <xxx>




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