Can't Change the GL Posting Account for a PO Invoices Processed


You wish to change the GL posting account for a PO that has already been partially invoiced. However, you cannot do so as described in Changing a GL account on a PO with invoices processed, because the account field appears grayed out when you attempt to modify it.


It is not possible to change the GL posting account for a partially invoiced PO in environments where GL Encumbrance/Corporate Budgeting has been activated, as the posting account field will appear grayed out once a PO has had invoices processed. Posting accounts cannot be changed normally in this case due to the Restrictions for Posting in Purchase Order (PO) Maintenance When Encumbrance Is in Use. Two workarounds can be applied in this situation:

  • Disable the original Posting Account, forcing operators to choose the new account when the order goes through Accounts Payable.
  • Cancel the remainder of the existing orders and open new orders for these amounts, using the correct accounts. This will not alter the amounts that have already been invoiced.



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