Resolving 'Mail Signon Error'


The user is getting an error 'Mail Signon Error (48389)' when trying to export a document from their print queue (FileView) to Outlook. The user's PC has been upgraded to Win10 recently. The user is currently using Outlook 2016.   



 Computron does not recommend the 64-bit version for Office. The following workaround is available:

  1. Unzip the attached to your desktop.
  2. Ensure that a file named FileView.exe (version or higher) is installed in the exec/_ctron_ directory (e.g. C:\CTRONVB\exec\_ctron_) of the VBAUI installation on the client PC.
  3. From the Desktop, copy and paste the extracted email.cmd into the same exec/_ctron directory (e.g. C:\CTRONVB\exec\_ctron_) of the VBAUI installation on the client PC.
  4. Try to reproduce the issue; if it fails, open the email.cmd file in Notepad, then replace [OUTLOOK_PATH] with the exact file path of your Outlook executable maintaining the quotation marks. The result should be similar to the following:
"C:\My Programs\Outlook\Outlook.exe" /c ipm.note /m "&subject=[SUBJECT]" /a [ATTACHMENT_FILE]

Basically, in step 4, FileView cannot locate the 64-bit version of Office. However, it can work by entering the 64-bit path in the command file. Please refer to the document "Fileview-EmailCmd.pdf" included in the archive.





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