Pick ID is not generated for the order


You may face the pick ID is not generated for the order and want to know why.


There could be many reasons why the pick is not generated. Please reach out to the Support team and provide the order(s) id(s) which you are experiencing this problem and the support team will investigate and get back to you with the root cause and solution.



  • The agent needs access to the DB and PasswordState
  • The queries will need to be adjusted according to the client's implementation and architecture

Follow the next steps:

  1. Reviewing the despatch for the given order number to find if it has enough stock to be picked.
    The despatch can be retrieved by querying the gtrans_items:
    select * from gtrans_items where sor_num = <xxx>
    select * from gtrans_items where gtrans_num in (
    select orig_dsp_num from gtrans_items where sor_num = <xxx>
  2. If you see an item that doesn't have enough stock to be picked, then check if there are any movements in the WARN state. The pick can't be created if any.
     To filter out WARN movements for a particular item you can adjust the query from the 'Determine Availability By Including WARN Movements' section of the 'DE7K Unable to Move a Unit From Stock' article.
  3. The customer should review these movements to verify whether or not these movements are still needed.
    The customer can delete the pick. The order might be canceled for the given movement by the customer's team, and this allows the allocation to be released and allow the process to continue. 


To check if a pick is generated is by running the query above for the pick and it should've been returning records should there be a pick generated. 





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