Closing Purchase Orders with PO Number In Old Format


You are unable to change PO status from PRTD to CLSD for old Purchase Orders, with the number having an outdated format (e.g. HS24-000838, HS24-000871). These old POs were possibly raised before the Procurement Portal was implemented. You, however, are able to close POs with the current PO format (e.g. 00XXXX-001) by running the function "PO Close" Process/Print in the PO System Administrator Menu.



Before proceeding with the steps required to close these orders, if you have these same orders in your test system, it is recommended to test this process there first, before closing these orders in the production environment.


  • Ensure that there are no active users in either Purchasing or Accounts Payable.
  • Ensure that there is a recent backup of the Computron database.


  1. Go to Purchasing System Administrator menu
  2. Run the Global Parameters Maint/List program.
  3. Continue on to screen DS22.
  4. Make a note of the settings for the Purchase Order Number Type and Format. In the below example they are "1" and "PONUMBER" respectively:Capture.PNG
  5. Change the Type to "M" and blank out the Format. This will change the PO number format to be free form.
  6. Save the changes to the Global Parameters.
  7. Run your PO close process selecting the orders on your list, either by date range or as required.
  8. Confirm that they have all been correctly closed.
  9. Run Global Parameters Maint/List program.
  10. Continue on to screen DS22.
  11. Change the settings for the Purchase Order Number Type and Format back to their original values.
  12. Save the changes to the Global Parameters.

Alternatively, if an older Database Map is available, it could still be pointing to a different version of the PO Global Parameters that specify the older PO number format. If you change your current login session to the older database map, then you should be able to close these orders. If assistance is required for accessing the old database map on your site, please raise a support ticket with us, and our Professional Services Team will assist you with the steps.


Support agents do not have access to customer environments. If the customer raises a ticket with the request that they need help with closing old POs using the older Database Map approach, escalate the ticket to the Professional Services team using Elevating or Escalating to External Teams.




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