Verifying Subject Alternative Names for SSL certificate


You want Avolin to verify if a given list of hostnames (or subdomains) are part of the same SSL certificate with Subject Alternative Names. Perhaps, you (or a third-party) are about to update the certificates for Kofax in your environment.




You can verify the certificate in use for each of the hostnames (or subdomains) by checking from a web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. 

  1. Visit the UTL in a browser and click the padlock icon near the address bar.
  2. Click certificate or view certificate and go to the Details tab.
  3. Check the Serial Number of the certificate.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all the domains you want to confirm. 

If the serial numbers are the same, then it is the same certificate in use for all of them.
Please refer to the short videos indicating how this is done in Google Chrome and in Internet Explorer




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