Clearing a person without creating a duplicate listing


When clearing a person in the Clearinghouse, it is possible that an entry concerning the same person already exists in OnDemand; clearing them in the usual manner will create a duplicate listing.


  1. In the Clearinghouse, locate the entry in question and press "Identify".
  2. Under the "Add new" option, there should be additional rows of possible matches to the person in the Clearinghouse. Locate the correct one and press "Match".
  3. In the next screen, the leftmost column represents the data of the record in the Clearinghouse, while the rightmost one represents the existing record. Use the checkboxes to select which of the existing data should be overwritten by the new data.
  4. Press Save and close.


Check the Clearinghouse to ensure the new record is no longer there. Then, check the details of the existing record and make note of the changes, if any.



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