Unable to create an onward move


You need to move units from one stock type to another but you are unable to create an onward movement as the o0s-1.exe program keeps failing with the error:



The program o0s-1.exe would not be able to process the onward move when the initial movement has the To Bin location assigned to X bin, which is the release bin. If the destination bin is already in the released bin, the onward move bin can't be made.

Customer Support can remove open movement and the pairing pick. Please create a Customer Support ticket and provide a movement number and reference number. Once it's done, you need to process those units manually.


The deletion can be done from the DB directly.

The agent should:

1. Delete the pick (hence the pairing pick)

2. Delete the dispatch​

The table for both of the movements is gtrans_defs and gtrans_items, the pick is taken from the field orig_dsp_num from the dispatch movement.

As a reference, this is the common query:

select * from gtrans_items where sor_num = <xxx>


select * from gtrans_items where gtrans_num in (
select orig_dsp_num from gtrans_items where sor_num = <xxx>

sor_num - is a Sales Order Number. Can be taken from the Sales ID field of the HS0A screen when searching by the reference number.

gtrans_num - pick id.

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