Move PO state to WORK


You have some Purchase Orders (POs) that you want to move to WORK state.


To move POs to WORK state please reach out to the Support team and provide POs and/or docket ids and the support team will update the state in the DB and CIMS UI.


  • The agent should have access to the customer's DB.
  • The queries will need to be adjusted according to the client's implementation and architecture.
  • It is recommended to create backup tables first before changing the data and drop the backup tables after the solution is confirmed.
  • Use unique names for backup tables so that they can be identified.

To update the PO state to WORK use the follow the steps below:

  1. Take backup of gor_defs table:
    create table sup.gor_defs_1839449
    as select *
    from gor_defs
    where gor_num = 23401;

    gor_num -  purchase ID of the docket which can be seen on the PS0C screen or extracted from DB with the query:

    select gor_num 
    from doc_defs where doc_num in (XXX, YYY)
    where XXX and YYY are docket ids

  2. Update the PO to WORK:
    update gor_defs
    set gor_state = 'WORK',
    where gor_num = 23401;
  3. Once the PO is set to WORK, use form WS6A in CIMS to reset the dockets from DONE to WORK state.




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