Products stuck in incremental ProductFeed


You are facing products are exporting in the incremental ProductFeed with a delete instruction and this has been processed in downstream applications.


This can be resolved by removing the entries in the registry table to allow ProductFeed to return the entries without the Delete record type. It should be done in the DB by our Customer Support team. Please create a support ticket with the description of the issue and attach the ProductFeed response XML file.



  • The agent should have access to the customer's DB.
  • It is recommended to create backup tables first before changing the data and drop the backup tables after the solution is confirmed.

1. If the customer didn't provide the ProductFeed response XML file, then you can get it in the XDI logs.

ProductFeed XML will have all necessary data for the next SQL quesries under the appropriate tags.

2. To resolve the issue the agent needs to delete records from the DB using SQL queries.

You will need to adjust data based on the customer's data like sty_code and XDI schema.

  • 1FXAWWPS97148286900 - is a concatenation of season || sty_num || sty_qual || sty_code values taken from the ProductFeed response XML file provided by the customer (look for the appropriate tags in the file)
  • xdi_180416_registry - the latest XDI schema name

2.1. Backup:

create table sup.zd2744389_product_register as
select * from xdi_180416_registry.ff_product_register
where (season || sty_num || sty_qual || sty_code) in ('1FXAWWPS97148286900');

2.2. Delete the entries for the product:

from xdi_180416_registry.ff_product_register
where (season || sty_num || sty_qual || sty_code) in ('1FXAWWPS97148286900')



The next ProductFeed request should now return the entry without the Delete record type.



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