CIMS Scheduler Stopped Working


CIMS scheduler can stop working and queues would not be picked up.


This issue can be resolved by restarting the scheduler. Please reach out to the Support Team with the application server Hostname/IP-Address so they will restart the scheduler.


To restart the scheduler the agent should:

  1. Connect to Sophos VPN and find the 'pro' password for the Application server of the customer in the PasswordState. Read Description in the PasswordState to understand which server do you need.
    Apps server will have a name like aXXx01. Let's use it as an example in the other steps.
  2. Connect to the Application server of the customer via ssh.
  3. Check the current status with the command cmd pro@aXXx01> csadminl.exe -p
  4. Start scheduler again with the command cmd pro@aXXx01> csadminl.exe -s

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