CIMS Webservices Returning Error 500


You may receive error 500 being returned by CIMS webservices indicating that they are failing.


When CIMS webservices are failing, a restart of the web services or the whole application server is required. Please reach out to the Support team and provide the hostname/IP-Address of the CIMS application server and the support team will get back to you.

Note: Restarting the web instance and the server both require downtime and the support team will confirm before initiating the process.


Checking Disk Space in Database Server

If the customer suggests that there could be disk space issues with the database server causing webservices to fail, you can use the following command to confirm that there is ample disk space available:

[pro@h<Customer Code>x00 ∼]$ df -h

Restart Process

The first fix usually for failing or glitchy CIMS web services is to restart it, for which the agent needs to follow instructions in the 'Restarting Web Service' article.

If CIMS webservices are still failing after trying to restart them, please refer to the article Prologic Customer Environment Reboot Sequence to restart the whole application server.

How to Check Service Availability

To check the web service availability, check if the WSDL is returning any result. For Fat Face, the related article is Fat Face Web Service Information and XDI Logs Retrieval where it is mentioned about web service's WSDL link at http://a71x00:8001/FatFaceLive/FFServicePort?wsdl as seen in the screenshot below:





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