SYSAUX tablespace alert


Your tablespace report has started to report an issue with the SYSAUX tablespace.


Tablespace: SYSAUX
Max. Size (M) : 2500
Current Size (M) : 2500
Current Free (M) : 276
Fragment count : 39
Percent Free Space : 11.05%
WARNING: Free space below 20 percent or 10 Mb, tablespace extension required.


SYSAUX is a system Oracle tablespace. The maximum size for the tablespace should be increased to 3000MB to make the available space to be more than 20%.

Please contact Customer Support asking to extend the max size of the SYSAUX tablespace.


This solution requires access to the database.

Use the following query to extend the maximum size of the SYSAUX tablespace to 3000MB:

alter database datafile '/data1/oradata/T/dbsT.sa1' autoextend on MAXSIZE 3000M;




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