CIMS Webservices Connectivity Issue - Interceptor Exception


You may face connectivity errors while consuming CIMS webservices. For example while sending "importWebReturnsRequest" there could be errors such as the following:

WARN org.apache.cxf.phase.PhaseInterceptorChain [[s-cims-data-int].s-cims-api-http-listener-config.worker.02]:
Interceptor for {}ProxyService#{}invoke has thrown exception, unwinding now
org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: Error sending HTTP request.


Please reach out to the Support team and attach the XML file of the request to CIMS webservices. They will diagnose the issue and guide you about the steps needed to resolve it.


Using the steps in the article, Finding XML error details for XDI troubleshooting, find the log file of the service with the error. Depending on the settings, the logs could be in files on the database server or in the database.

Note: The latest schema is xdi_180416.

You can check the originating request using the XML provided by the customer such as follows:

  <WEB_RETURN transaction_id="d42b1a4c-f756-44b3-89c2-2ac933568d1c">

You may see the following error message in the error log being prompted for the failing importWebReturns:

<transaction id="d42b1a4c-f756-44b3-89c2-2ac933568d1c" status="failure"><ERRORS><err:ERROR xmlns:err="" ProcessNum="xxxx" JobNum="abc" ServiceOperation="ff_service/importWebReturns" ServiceVersion="1.0" Caller="XXXXXX" ProgramUnit="ff_importWebReturns/importReturns" Bugline="80" Code="-20005">
<err:TEXT><![CDATA[Unhandled exception: ORA-20005: Price list not found for shop num =99999]]></err:TEXT>

Hence based on the error message there's no price list defined for shop 99999. So inform the customer that once data is corrected on the requesting side, the return can be completed normally and there will be no need to restart the web service.

If there are no errors that could be resolved by data correction, then restart the web service by following instructions in the 'Restarting Web Service' article.




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