Set Docket State to Work


You try to set a docket state to 'WORK' and the following error message appears:

"CIMS-14259: Body fabric inconsistency between items and components for docket 271751 item 3 color DENIM-MID WASH - re trigger parts"


Please reach out to the Support team and provide the docket number of the docket requiring a state update.


Note: The agent should have access to the customer's DB.

Run the following query:

update doc_defs set doc_state = 'WORK' where doc_num = 271751 and doc_state = 'MAKE' and gor_num = 64094;

where doc-num is the docket number in the error and gor_num is the purchase ID of the docket which can be seen on the PS0C screen such as follows:




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