Reducing pagefile limit on application server


You inquire if reducing the pagefile size (say, from 24 GB to 10GB) on the Computron application server is recommended. Possibly, the disk space on the application server is low and the pagefile is taking up excessive space. You need to free up space so the server does not stop functioning as normal. You are on Computron version 16 and after freeing up space, the server will likely have 12GB RAM and a 10GB pagefile.



While we recommend a physical memory of 16 GB, we do not have a specific requirement for the size of the paging file. For example, if your server currently has 12GB, then 16GB is a recommendation and not the minimum requirement so your server could work fine with 12 GB RAM. 

Regarding the size of the pagefile or virtual memory, we recommend that you check the current percentage of your pagefile that is actively used. Based on your observation over your peak usage period, for example, it will be possible to make a decision on the amount by which the pagefile can be safely reduced. 

The following steps will help you to check the extent of usage of your current pagefile:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, type "perfmon" or open Administrative Tools, and then open Performance Monitor.
  2. In the left column, expand Monitoring Tools and then select Performance Monitor.
  3. Right-click on the graph and select Add Counters. or click the + (plus) icon on the toolbar.
  4. From the Available counters list, select Paging File.
  5. Click on the small down-arrow icon to the right of the Paging File.
  6. Select % Usage under Paging File and then click the Add button to add the counter on the Added counters list.
  7. Click OK to close the Add Counters dialog.

Please refer to the video for a demonstration of the steps.

Based on your findings, you will be able to make an appropriate decision on the extent of reduction of the pagefile size.





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