"Location is not available" error when trying to access a folder


When attempting to access a folder, or open a file contained there, you get an error stating that the "Location is not available", like in the example below:


This may be the case for a folder related to the import process for Kofax, as well as any other folder in the system.


The error "Location is not available" is a generic Windows error that occurs when the system is unable to locate a certain folder in your file system. In order to resolve it, it is recommended that you consider running chkdsk with the /f parameter for the affected drive. In the example above, the program to be run would be the following:

chkdsk H: /scan /F

Please refer to the documentation on chkdsk provided by Microsoft for more information.

As this is not an application-specific issue, if this doesn't resolve your problem, please consider checking with your IT department, explaining the situation.


Once the problem is resolved, the folder should be normally accessible.



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