GTRANS_I Tablespace Alert


Your tablespace report has started to report an issue with the GTRANS_I tablespace.


Tablespace: GTRANS_I
Max. Size (M) : 65535
Current Size (M) : 59067
Current Free (M) : 35
Fragment count : 2
Percent Free Space : 9.92%
WARNING: Free space below 10 percent or 10 Mb, tablespace extension required.


The maximum size for the tablespace should be increased to make the available space to be more than 10%. Please contact Customer Support asking to have more free space available for the GTRANS_I tablespace.


  1. Connect to the database as a DBA.
  2. See the details of the data files associated with the tablespace using the following SQL statement:
    select  file_name, round((maxbytes) / 1048576) maxbytes_MB, round((bytes) / 1048576) bytes_MB, 
    from dba_data_files a
    where tablespace_name = 'GTRANS_I'
    The associated datafiles could already be set as autoextensible which means that they should auto extend once the space is used, but the customer could still be getting these alerts.
  3. If auto-extend is not configured/taking place or the customer is still getting alerts, add another data file for the tablespace to increase the maximum tablespace. Use a query similar to the following:
    ALTER TABLESPACE GTRANS_I ADD DATAFILE '/eva_cims2/oradata/B/dbsB.sp6' 
    SIZE 3000M;
    Note: The queries will need to be adjusted according to the client's implementation and architecture.




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