Order Stuck in Confirmed State


An order can be in the Confirmed state in the HS0A form but you are unable to generate a despatch for it. You also see that there are enough units available in stock.


There could be many reasons why the order is stuck as confirmed. Please reach out to the Support team and provide the order(s) id(s) which you are experiencing this problem and the support team will investigate and get back to you with the root cause and solution.


The agent would need access to the DB.

  1. Open HS0A and find the Order.
  2. Confirm the quantity available and check the other stock.
    In the HS0A, there are fields that would display the free/available stocks:

    The other stock can be checked through WS0D:

  3. If not enough stock due to soft allocation to an empty despatch assigned to the payment, then remove the assigned despatch.
    1. Use the following SQL query to find dsp_num:
      select dsp_num from sor_payments where sor_num = <order_number>
    2. Use the following SQL query to find the corresponding entry in the gtrans_defs table:
      select gtrans_num from gtrans_defs where dsp_num =<dsp_num>
      You may find the movement line is empty, thus empty despatch.
    3. Use the following SQL query to remove the assigned despatch:
      update sor_payment set dsp_num = null where sor_num = <order_num> and dsp_num = <empty despatch number>
      This would reset the state of the payment.
  4. Ask the customer to generate a new despatch.




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