How to add a Website Analytics module


You may want to have the analytical information of your website. For example, who goes to the website and when, and what they visit when they are there. This can be done by adding an analytics module.



Before following the solution steps, please make sure Google Analytics is configured on your website. Website analytics work with Google Analytics, so it's essential to be configured. If not, follow DNN: Enabling Usage Statistics to configure it.


Now to add the analytics module follow these steps:

  1. Add an Html module to the bottom-most pane on the home page (you can configure the module so only admins can view it if needed).
  2. Edit the text of this module and delete everything.
  3. In Module Settings / Advanced Settings, paste the google snippet in the "Footer" section. 
  4. Also, select the Display Module on All Pages option.
  5. Finally, disable the "Display Container" checkbox
  6. Save / Update

If you need further assistance, please create a support ticket and an agent will help you out.




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