People registered under the wrong organization


You may find out that some People are registered under the wrong organization, leading to the invoice having an issue with the company list for the registrations.



You will need to edit each one and change their corresponding organization by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Wrong Organization record.
  2. Go to the People tab and locate the People concerned's records (one by one).
  3. For each record click on Edit.
  4. Copy their email to a clipboard (like notepad) and delete the email from the record, also uncheck the Active at Org checkbox if these two users should not be under that Org, once finished click Save & Close.
  5. Now go to Correct Organization record.
  6. Go to the People tab and locate the People concerned (one by one).
  7. Edit each record and paste the email you copied before.
  8. Click Save & Close for each record.
  9. Now for the List Builder Report is updated.
  10. For the invoice to be updated, you will need to void the invoices in the wrong organization and create them in the correct one. The steps to void and create can be found in Creating, Editing, and Voiding an Invoice in GoMembers OnDemand

If you are still struggling, create a support ticket, and include the name of the People and organizations concerned.



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