Web Service Errors Related to Unavailability of Connection Pool in CIMS DS


You may face connectivity errors while consuming CIMS web services and errors related to the unavailability of connection pool in CIMS DS such as the following:

21:00:53.173 12/27/2020 Worker-0 [s-cims-data-int].s-cims-api-http-listener-config.worker.241 INFO
Exception thrown inside until-successful org.mule.module.ws.consumer.SoapFaultException:
Internal error: Cannot obtain XAConnection weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourceLimitException:
No resources currently available in pool CIMSDS to allocate to applications, please increase the size of the pool and retry..

at weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourcePoolImpl.reserveResourceInternal(ResourcePoolImpl.java:591)


Such errors occur when concurrent connections count increases above the set Maximum Capacity of the connection pool. The issue can be resolved by increasing the connection pool maximum capacity to a higher value followed by restarting the web service.


Use the following query to see the total initiated connections fluctuations to confirm that concurrent requests are going above the connection pool maximum capacity:

select service_operation, substr(in_date,0,12), count(1)
from xdi_180416.audit_xml_base a
in_date >= '30-DEC-20'
and status = 'initiated'
group by service_operation, substr(in_date,0,12)


XDI_180416 - is the latest XDI schema name


Please reach out to the Support team and provide the hostname/IP-Address of the CIMS application so that they can set the connection pool maximum capacity to a higher value and restart the web service.

Important: You will need to limit the concurrent requests being made to CIMS DS to a smaller value than the set connection pool maximum capacity keeping a buffer to accommodate requests that may take longer to complete. Otherwise, there will be CIMS DS connection pool errors whenever a load of concurrent connection requests is greater than the value of connection pool maximum capacity.


Before starting this activity, confirm from the customer that they have stopped their scheduler so that initiated requests are not incomplete.

To reset the CIMS DS, once confirmation is received, go to a<Customer Code>x00:7004/console/ at Configuration>Connection Pool and set the Maximum Capacity to a higher value as discussed with the customer.

To restart the web service the agent needs to follow instructions in the 'Restarting Web Service' article.




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