Unable to process the order


You are unable to process the order. The order has already been shipped by your warehouse and you would like to manually complete the order in CIMS, but you can't.

In HS0A it is showing as Allocated and when you are looking at the dispatch it still doesn't have the pick generated for it. 


A possible reason why the pick can't be generated is that some item doesn't have enough stock.

The order itself is in the state of Allocated because it already has a despatch created that pointed to the order. Canceling the dispatch and generating a new one will not help.

The despatch quantity availability can be seen on the DI0A form:

  1. Go to the DI0A - Product Despatch form and open Qtys tab.
  2. Select each line of the order and check the amount available to be created as a pick in the Stock line. It should be more or equal than requested. If it's not then this is the reason why the pick can't be generated (see screenshot).
    In order to allow the despatch to be processed, please allow additional stock for the given item.



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