OnDemand: Merging Organizations


You may want to combine two accounts because they are duplicates or to make them easier to manage. This process will merge all data, including all people, notes, activities, and accounting.



Merging two organizations involves moving all the people, activities, and accounting to one of them. Only support agents can perform this task. Please create a support ticket and include the ID of the two organizations to be merged, specifying which one will be kept. If you do not know where to find the organization ID, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your GoMembers OnDemand instance.
  2. Open the Organizations tab.
  3. Enter the organization name on the search field and click Go. Then, click the organization address.

  4. Find the organization ID on the organization record:


Before proceeding, be sure of which organization will be kept and which will be deactivated.

The steps below to merge two organizations are split between L1 and L2.


L1 Steps

  1. Transfer all people on OnDemand from the source organization to the destination organization (the one that will be kept).
    1. Open two tabs with OnDemand and switch to the customer instance.
    2. On both tabs, go to the Organizations tab and search for the two organizations using the provided IDs.

    3. Open the organization and go to the People tab.
    4. For each person in the source organization:
      1. Take note of the name and email address.
      2. On the destination organization, under Add Person, enter the email address and click Add.

      3. On the list of possible matches, check that the name is the same, and click Add to Org.

      4. On both tabs, locate the person you just added and click Edit.

      5. Copy the info on the Person's Info at this Org section from the source organization to the destination. Since info on this section is particular to each organization, it is not automatically copied.

      6. On the person's record at the source organization, uncheck the Active at Org checkbox. 
      7. Click Save and Close on both tabs.
  2. Update Connect.
    1. Open Connect on a new tab.

    2. Under Instance Admin, click Update Connect.

  3. Transfer all people on Connect from the source organization to the destination organization.
    1. Go back to the tab where the destination organization in OnDemand is opened and, for each person that has been transferred from the source organization, follow these steps:
      1. Click View to open the person's record.

      2. Check if there is a number on the Accounts tab.

      3. A number on the tab name means that this person has an account on Connect. In this case, proceed with the following steps. Otherwise, check the next person.
      4. Copy the person's email address.
      5. Go to the tab where Connect is opened and click Accounts.

      6. Search for the account using the email address.

      7. Click Edit.
      8. Under Change Org To, select the destination organization. Then, click Save and Close.

  4. Escalate the ticket to L2 so they can perform the remaining steps.


L2 Steps

  1. Transfer the remaining entities (activities, invoices, and accounts) by following these steps:
    1. Connect to the GoMembers OnDemand database.
    2. Copy the script below to MySQLWorkbench:
      use <instance>;
      update act_items set organization_id = <dest-org-id> where organization_id=<source-org-id>;
      update act_accts_receivable set organization_id = <dest-org-id> where organization_id=<source-org-id>;
      update act_invoices set organization_id = <dest-org-id> where organization_id=<source-org-id>;
    3. Replace the placeholders on the script:
      • <instance>: The name of the customer's instance. You can get it from the OnDemand URL: https://od.gomembers.com/associations/people/people.php?organization_id=18040
      • <dest-org-id>: The ID of the destination organization.
      • <source-org-id>: The ID of the source organization.
    4. Run the script.
  2. Open the source organization and click Edit Organization.

  3. Uncheck the Active option and click Save and Close.
  4. Notify the customer that the organizations have been merged.




After the support team completes the task, please check that all the people, activities, and accounting associated with one organization have been moved to the other. The organization whose data was transferred must have been deactivated.



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