Product Costs in Dockets


This article provides information regarding the different ways in which product costs are set up in Dockets and how you can edit them.


All CIMS versions


Product Costs can be set up in two ways. These are:

  • Composite
  • Non-Composite

You can find this information in the form PD9N. If the Cost Code has Comp Cost set to Y, it means it is a Composite cost, otherwise, it is Non-Composite.


Editing the product costs (for example, FREIGHT) depends upon how these costs have been set up.

  • Composite

    If a product cost (for example, FREIGHT) is set up as a Composite cost, then these costs cannot be changed at a product level, as they are defined as a Percent of another Cost Type in form PD9S.


  • Non-Composite

    If a product cost (for example, FREIGHT) is a Non-Composite cost, then the costs can be maintained within the PD0A form itself, which will then be used as the default estimated costs when new Purchase Orders and Dockets are raised. To change the costs on a P/O or Docket you can enter Actual Costs.
    Note: You will not be able to change the Estimated Cost.



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