Picks not Sent to JDA


You found out that some of the Picks in CIMS are not sent-to/picked-up by JDA and you would like those Picks to be reflagged. 


The customer needs to provide either sor_num or sor_ref for the Sales Order or the gtrans_num of the picking note.


In order for such Picks to be picked up by JDA, changes to the database tables need to be made, so create a support ticket and provide details of the Pick Movement number or sor_num or sor_ref number.


Connect to the customer's DB server and run the following:

  • To find the SOR_NUM if you have the sor_ref (same query for sor_num, since it's a column in the same table):
select * from sor_defs where sor_ref='UKF1001914354'; 
  • To find the picking note movement (orig_dsp_num will give you the gtrans_num of the picking note movement):
 select orig_dsp_num from gtrans_items where sor_num='15623784';
  • Back up the record to be updated:
    • Add the Zendesk ticket ID of the customer ticket to the table name to ensure the name is unique
    • Example: sup.zd2518468_gtrans_num
 create table sup.zd<Zendesk ticket ID>_gtrans_num
 select * from gtrans_defs where gtrans_num=25219798; --< this is orig_dsp_num from above query
  • Update the record:
 update gtrans_defs
set hh_state = null
 where gtrans_num in (
<Pick movement numbers provided by the client or found in the steps above>
  • Commit the change:


Once the support team makes the changes to the database, verify if the Picks have been received on the JDA side.



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