CIMS Release Notes - V9.4.6


Prologic Head Office CIMS Version 9.4.6 release is focused on fixing issues reported by customers in previous releases as well as internally reported issues. In order to provide the highest quality in our releases, each release is tested to the best of our ability.

Detailed below are the fixes in this release

  • PD7D - Amend a Product's Size Range, PD7G - Consolidation Of Products, PD7N - Fit Consolidation processes gained the ability to set a number of locking attempts (LOCK_ATTEMPTS) and timeout between
    attempts (LOCK_PAUSE_BETWEEN_ATTEMPTS) as parameters in CV1A. (PROLOGICCID-7486)
  • CIMS password expired message allowed to log in any way by closing it. This issue was fixed in this release. (PROLOGICCID-7539)
  •  Incorrect rating for product size 11 was used by CDI import of product receipts. This issue is fixed in this release. (PROLOGICCID-7622)
  • List Of Values for field Order Id on screen HS0C - Crate Home Shopping Order Despatch Notes was taking a long time to appear. This issue is fixed in this release. (PROLOGICCID-7624)
  •  Re-load of CDI data using DE7K - Alter Invalid CDI, based Stock Movement may result in data getting partially loaded when validation on item level fails. This issue is fixed in this release. (PROLOGICCID-7661)
  •  Create Home Shopping Despatches process (l0c-1.exe) was reworked in this release to reduce failures related to tables locking by avoiding unnecessary operations on tables. (PROLOGICCID-7697)

The Release Notes have been attached to this article. If you have any additional questions about this release, please open a ticket at and our support team will be happy to assist you. 

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