Partial orders dispatch stuck in PREP.


In some cases, the despatch of a certain order will not move to PICK state in order to create a picking note. It is stuck in a PREP state. This is caused because the dispatch is not associated with the payment. 


If you find a wholesale despatch that is stuck in PREP state and is not able to progress, contact Prologic support with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Despatch number

Support will associate the despatch with the corresponding payment on the database level, allowing the despatch to progress.


  1. You need to check if some of the payment lines in the sor_payments table have empty dsp_num, you can do this by running the following query: 
    from sor_payments
    where sor_num= <customer provided order number>;
    The result should be something like: 

    From the above example, we can see that line number 3 has empty dsp_num. This is the reason why the dispatch is not progressing from PREP to PICK. To fix this, you will need to associate that payment line to the correct dispatch on the system. 
  2. To find that dispatch, you need to run the following query: 
    select *
    from gtrans_items
    where sor_num= <customer provided order number>;
    From the results of the above query, note down the gtrans_num of the lines that do not have values (null) in ORIG_DSP_NUM column. When this column is null, it means that there is no picking note created on the system for those lines, because the dispatch is in PREP state still.
  3. Once you have the gtrans_num from the previous query, you need to run the following:
    select dsp_num from gtrans_defs where gtrans_num= <plug the gtrans_num value you got from above query>;
  4. The previous query will give you the dispatch number which you need to associate the payment line within the sor_payments table. In order to do it, you have to run the following query:
    update sor_payments 
    set dsp_num=<place the found dispatch number (dsp_num) from above query>
    where sor_num=<customer provided order number>
    and pay_famount= <the amount for the line>;


Once you associate this line with the correct dsp_num, the dispatch in the system should move to PICK state, and it should generate a new picking note for that dispatch.



<supportagent>You can verify this after a certain time by checking that the ORIG_DSP_NUM fields on all lines on the dispatch are no longer null .</supportagent>

Prologic support will inform you after the despatch was associated with the corresponding payment. You can confirm this was done correctly by checking the despatch and verifying that it has progressed to a PICK state and beyond. 



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