How to call the Mini BCont notification from a VB Script (vbs) file?


You would like to know how to call the Mini BCont notification from a VB Script (vbs) file (eg: through an API or a direct link).

This would be useful after finishing an installation executed by a VB Script (vbs) file (that was started by a  Proactive Assist CAB file with shell.exec privileges) and you need to send a notification to the user because restart is required.



Mini BCont is a small notification window that appears at the right corner of the ProactiveAssist client task bar. It can be used to send notifications to the end-user. It supports the SupportMessage Snap-in and Download Manager Info Snap-ins (more information is available in the SupportSoft ProactiveAssist Administrator Guide).

Currently, Mini BCont does not support being triggered from third parties, like custom VB Scripts running out of Proactive Assist's context (eg: when the CAB file just launches the VB script and exits). What you are requesting is a customization request, because it would require code level change of the Support Manager Snap-Ins.

To get help with such customization you will need the Professional Services team's help. Before that, you will need to contact the assigned Account Manager for a quote of work.



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