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This article contains terminology and abbreviations that are widely used related to Avolin SupportSoft by customers and agents. An additional acronyms dictionary is available on CS Foundations Help Center.




Term Definition


Support Administrator

A browser-based application used by administrators to configure and maintain the SupportSoft servers, application interfaces, components, and product features.

/sdcadmin is the virtual directory providing the Web interface.


Support Center Web

A browser-based version of the Support Analyst interface.

/sdchealtop is the virtual directory that provides the interface for the analyst to pick up and route issues, respond to issues, and connect remotely to the end-user.


Author Center

A browser-based application used to author any kind of content that can be used
by any of the SupportSoft products.

/sdccontent is the virtual directory that provides the interface for the knowledge author to create and manage content.


User Center

A browser-based application used by end-users to obtain self-service and assisted
support solutions.

/sdcxuser is the virtual directory that provides the online interface for the end-user to search for FAQs, automated solutions, tutorials, and other self-service tools.

Admin User

Admin user configures system parameters, administers the overall system, and reports on system statistics.
Analyst User Analyst user provides assisted service to end-users and uses Support Center web portal, Support Center Client, and RemoteAssist tools.
Aptean Aptean is the company that previously was developing SupportSoft. SupportSoft was acquired by ESW Capital in 2018.
Aptean Saphire SupportSoft Previously used brand name for Avolin SupportSoft.
Author User Author user creates and manages the content and uses Author Center web portal, Script Center tool, and Administrator web portal.
Client In SupportSoft terminology, the Client often refers to the end-user that is actually supported with the SupportSoft software.
DNA Editor The SupportSoft DNA Editor is used to create and/or modify DNA files. It can be installed as a Win32 application or it can be invoked from a SupportSoft Web application as a browser plug-in.
End user End users are the users in the company and use the User Center web portal, ProActive Assist Client, Remote Assist, and Account Manager.
ExperTouch Proactive Assist application/tool is used under this name by Cognizant enterprise.
Fixit Proactive Assist application/tool is used under this name by Fidelity enterprise.
Fixomatic Proactive Assist application/tool is used under this name by Wipro enterprise.
Healing Station Healing Station is the "Self Service Support" module of Proactive Assist when branded as Optibot (for HCL). Sometimes it is used to refer to the whole ProactiveAssist client.
Itselfhelp Proactive Assist application/tool is used under this name by Infosys enterprise.
Inno script

Inno Script refers to the install script used to create installer packages with Inno Setup.

Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center is the knowledge base that is generated by the Author Center for known issues and common fixes.

Knowledge Center is available to users through Proactive Assist.

Knowledge Center is for users to view the content (troubleshooting articles, etc.), and Author Center is for admins to create content.

Live Alert Live Alert refers to the term "User Alert" / "Real Time Alert" used for sending Alerts (notifications) for Users. They are defined in the Author Center.
Lucene The Apache Lucene library is used by the Proactive Agent to index local support content after pulling it from the server.
Openfire Openfire, a real-time collaboration (RTC) server, uses a widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP. It is used by SupportSoft to deliver instant alerts & remote solution execution.
Optibot Proactive Assist application/tool is used under this name by HCL enterprise.
Redis Sentinel Redis Sentinel is the high availability solution from Redis intended to be used instead of Redis Cluster solutions where a simpler solution is needed to be able to perform automatic failover when a master instance is not functioning correctly.
Remote Control Viewer It is a standalone Windows Application on the Analyst end and is the component that hosts VNC code for Analyst functionalities.
Script Center It is a Win32 application that is dynamically installed from the Author Center for authoring scripted SupportActions.
Script SupportAction A mechanism that provides organizations with a way to create automated solutions and run them on end-user systems to fix common support issues.
Shibboleth SSO Shibboleth is an open-source, single sign-on authentication service provider. Shibboleth as a service provider (SP) interacts between the identity provider (IdP) and the SupportSoft application to authenticate the user.

SignalR is a free and open-source software library for Microsoft ASP.NET that allows server code to send asynchronous notifications to client-side web applications.


It is a Web page that performs a specific functionality. Snapins are used by the Support Administrator, Support Center Web, and User Center applications to display Web content within specified snap-in containers.

Solr Server

Solr is a server process that provides natural language searching for indexed content.

Solr Server provides the capability to index and search content.

Sprockets It is a general infrastructure or non-server component required for running admin-controlled executions like Supportjobs, etc.
Submitter service The submitter service is an extension of the UNIX-based JAVA “Submitter” Servlet that provides pre-processing of incoming HTTP requests and invokes the servlet’s HTTP request handler.
SupportActions SupportActions are automated solutions that provide fixes to common support issues.  They are implemented as scripts written in JavaScript or VBScript that can include payloads and configurable parameters. SupportActions typically run on end user systems after being launched by the end user, remote analyst, or scheduled job.
Support Center A Win32 container-based application that renders Web pages to provide a Support Analyst interface with all the features of a Web application.
SupportJob It is a content type that can be used for software updates, software installs, installs of multiple payload files as well as registry items.
SupportTrigger A content type that detects Microsoft Windows error messages, keystrokes, and dialog boxes associated with a specified executable file.
Sync Server The SupportSoft product works using a composite server model referred to as the Synchronization Server. This comprises a Web server, DNA server, Solr server, Nexus Server, Redis Server, OpenFire Server, Submitter service, and independent MSSQL database server.
Web Core (/sdccommon) A virtual directory that resides on every Sync server and is referenced by other virtual directories.



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Acronym Definition


This solution/tool/application provides real-time diagnostics, data, utilities, and solutions to help analysts and IT administrators remotely diagnose and resolve incidents.


Account Manager

It is a self-service password reset solution that enables end-users to reset their passwords
or unlock their accounts without calling the help desk.


Call tracking system

Typically, the SupportSoft RequestAssist tool is
integrated with a CTS application


Download Manager

It is a product/tool based on the SupportSoft platform. It makes it easy to download and install new software/upgrades on the client
machines, without saturating the bandwidth or interruptions.



These remote sessions are used when an analyst connects to an end-user via a connection code that he generates from the Support Center. The end-user on receiving the connection connects to the analyst by entering the code on the User Center.


Endpoint Configuration Information


Intelligent Assistance Suite

This product manages the complete lifecycle of user-initiated support and service requests.


Information Technology Service Management

SupportSoft has the functionality to create and manage tickets in the external ITSM system. It supports ServiceNow and BMC Remedy ITSM systems integration out of the box and can be configured to support any ITSM systems with APIs available.


Knowledge Center



The purpose of this tool is to enable inbound and outbound chat for high-volume support and service desks.


Live Assistance Suite.

It includes the following:

  • AnalystAssist
  • LiveAssist
  • RemoteAssist
  • RequestAssist
  • Platform (mandatory component for all SSeS products)
  • Knowledge Center
  • ITSM
MSP Managed Service Provider
MTS Microsoft Transaction Server
OOTB Out of the box

ProactiveAssist Suite.

It includes the following:

  • Account Manager
  • Download Manager
  • Performance Manager
  • Support Manager
  • Proactive Assist
  • Platform (mandatory component for all SSeS products)
  • Knowledge Center

SupportSoft Platform.

The platform contains the base tools, components, and modules used by multiple SupportSoft products.


Performance Manager

This application/tool offers optimizations or solutions that help end-user computers to run smoothly. The solutions optimize system settings, perform regular system cleanup and maintenance, ensure that the security settings are configured appropriately and the Internet browsers are tuned for performance.



This solution/tool/application supports both indirect and direct connections to remote computers, thus allowing remote maintenance and resolutions for consumers, local and remote employees, and even Windows servers.



This tool provides request assistance capabilities like quick search based on the description, self-service ticket submission, ticket query, ticket notification, routing and escalation, etc.


Support Manager

It is a core product/tool of Proactive Assist. It helps identify and resolve connectivity issues, configure email accounts, and allows a user to resolve problems using the one-click solutions feature.


Standard Operating Procedure


SupportSoft eService Suite

It comprises the SupportSoft products/tools and includes both the Proactive Assist Suite and the Live Assistance Suite.

UAC User Account Control
WAF Web Application Firewall
XMPP The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is an open communication protocol designed for instant messaging, presence information, and contact list maintenance.


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