Modifying the Parameter File for Printing in 4gov


This article provides step-by-step instructions for modifying the parameter file in GoMembers 4Gov to adjust the left margin setting for XXX-MISC printing. This adjustment helps users make appropriate changes to ensure successful printing.


  1. Login to GoMembers 4Gov.
  2. Review the parameter file /idc/munxmexe/ and reduce the left margin setting from 42 to 39 (for example)
  3. Click Save.

Once the parameter file is modified, instruct the user to create a new print file using Print Forms from the menu, and then release a test page to the printer.



  1. Where can I find the parameter file to modify the left margin setting?
    The parameter file is located at /idc/munxmexe/ in GoMembers 4Gov.
  2. What should I do if the left margin setting change does not resolve the printing issue?
    Ensure the parameter file is saved correctly and recheck the margin values. If issues persist, consider adjusting the margin further or contacting support.
  3. How can I confirm that the changes to the parameter file are effective?
    Create a new print file and print a test page to verify that the left margin adjustment is applied as expected.



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