Viewing and Printing Reports in GoMembers 4gov


A lot of the actions taken in 4gov result in the generation of a report or file to print. Usually, each generated report/file is open in a new tab/window, allowing for review and even printing. However, all of the generated files/reports are also found in a dedicated report section.

This article provides details about accessing the 4gov Reports Interface and viewing/printing any generated report.


  1. Access the 4gov Report Interface (the Printer icon at the top right of any 4gov page)

    • This will open up a new tab with the Reports interface
  2. Select the report to be printed from the queue.

    • NOTE: depending on your access rights, you may see only your own reports, or the reports of all users.
  3. Click the View Selected option - this will open a new tab with the selected report, allowing you to download or print it
  4. Alternatively, you can click Print Selected, which will trigger a direct download of the report file for printing



  1. Where can I find the reports I generated in GoMembers 4Gov?
    All generated reports can be accessed through the Reports Interface by clicking the Printer icon at the top right of any 4Gov page.
  2. Why can't I see all reports in the Reports Interface?
    The visibility of reports depends on your access rights. You may only see reports that you have generated, or if you have higher access, you may see reports generated by all users.
  3. How do I print a report directly from the Reports Interface?
    Select the report from the queue and click Print Selected to download and print the report file directly.



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