Unable to Release Cash in GoMembers 4gov


While attempting to release cash, the customer is directed to Utility Billing before processing Cash Receipts and the following system error is displayed:

ERROR performing line no: 004 in ubp470a
RU ub470z 331 ub =056007029 >299000029 000
DIAGNOSIS : Return Code indicates problem running ub470z


The error indicates that transactions are waiting to be posted from Cash Receipts into Utility Billing, causing the system to fail during the cash release process.


You must login to 4gov and check Utility Billing and confirm that there are no transactions waiting to post from Cash Receipts into Utility Billing. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Utilities > System Maintained Data and verify that it indicates zero bytes in the file ssmubtr.

    NOTE: This is the root cause for the processing failure.
  2. Reset the Utility Billing system status to ALLCLEAR.
  3. Reset Cash Receipts status flag for Utilities Interface in Progress from Y to N.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. This allows the customer to process Update Released Batches in Cash Receipts. To do this, run the Update Receipts from C/R to post payments into the Utility Billing system.


When facing an error during the cash release process in Utility Billing, ensure that there are no pending transactions in the system, reset the system status, and update the Cash Receipts status flag. Following these steps will allow the successful processing of payments.



  1. What does the error code 331 mean?
    The error code 331 indicates a problem with running the ub470z process due to pending transactions in Cash Receipts.
  2. How can I verify there are no pending transactions?
    You can check for pending transactions by navigating to Utilities > System Maintained Data and verifying that the ssmubtr file indicates zero bytes.



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