Unable to Batch Till Sales


You are unable to batch and balance a specific till. You may get the following errors when trying to batch till sales:

KEY-COMMIT trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06502


"Error ORA-04092 - FRM - 40735"


The reason for such errors is usually transactions with no payment records. Voiding such transactions will allow the batch process to complete. Please reach out to the support team providing the till number and they will find and void the problem transaction/s for you.


To establish problem transaction/s, please run the below script:

select d.pos_num 
from pro.pos_defs d 
where d.till_num != '99' 
and d.ftrans_run = 'N' 
and d.till_num like '&till_num' 
and not exists ( 
select 1 
from pro.pos_payments e 
where e.pos_num = d.pos_num 

where &till_num is the provided till number.

Once you have the 'problem' transaction/s, you can void them by using the following SQL code:

update pos_defs set ftrans_run = 'V', batch_run = 'Y' where pos_num in ('XXXX','YYYY');

where 'XXXX' and 'YYYY' are transaction numbers found from the previous step.



Once the agent completes the void process for problem transaction/s, the batch process should be able to pass through.



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