Location Information Does Not Match


You notice that Meetings held in the same Meeting Location have different capitalization applied. For example, on one line it may display "Example Location" and on another "example location". You would like to have the data corrected so that all Meetings display the same Meeting Location with the same capitalization applied.


Contact Support and request that a member of the Support Team review the case. A member of the Support Team will resolve the issue after reviewing the case.


NOTE: This solution requires access to the Progress Editor and can only be performed by L2 agents.

L2 Team Members:

  1. Find the meeting location in the 'nasite' table
  2. Add a letter to the meeting location name, e.g. "Example Locationx" and save
  3. Remove the letter from the meeting location name, e.g. "Example Location" and save

The Meeting will display all Meeting Location names with the same capitalization.




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