After Registering for Membership the Website Indicates They Are Not a Member


After a Constituent registers for membership on a Client's GoMembers Enterprise site, then attempts to register for a meeting or perform some other member-only function, the site indicates that they are not a member. 


This situation is encountered when the Membership Start date is set to a date in the future.

  1. From the GoMember Enterprise Home page, click the Find a Person quick link

  2. Enter the Constituent's Name or ID, then click the Go button to locate them

  3. If a list is returned, click the ID or Constituent name to open the record in a new window

  4. In the Constituent's record, click the Membership link on the left, then select Memberships from the menu

  5. Note the Start date of the membership. If it is in the future, the Constituent will see messages indicating that they are not a member. Click the row that contains the incorrect Start date to open the Membership record

  6. In the Membership record, change the Start date to a date prior to today in order for the Constituent to be recognized as a Member by the site

  7. Click the Save & Close button at the top of the Membership record to save the change

  8. Click the Save & Close button at the top of the Constituent's record to finalize the process

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When the Constituent logs on again they are recognized by the site as a Member and are able to perform all functions on the site as a Member.

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