Surveyor 6 Database Tables Used for Reporting

This topic provides general information on the tables that are used for general reporting in Surveyor 6.

The summary tables correlate data between administrative groups, business units, and locations. The Surveyor 6 tables that are tied to the summary tables are AdminGroup, Device, and Policy. The Device table is auto-populated by Surveyor each time a client connects to the system. Administrative groups and policies are associated with devices through the Administrator console.


Type Table Name
Summary tables ComponentStateDaySum, ComponentStateHourSum
Collection tables Collection, CollectionType, CPUOnUtilization, CPUOffUtilization, CPUSuspendUtilization, DisplayOnUtilization, DisplaySuspendUtilization, UtilityRate, DeviceCollection
Device, Group, and Policy tables Device, DeviceFamily, DeviceModelWatt, AdminGroup, Policy
Component tables ComponentState, ComponentType, ComponentTypeStateDraw, ComponentTypeStateUtilization, DeviceComponentStateDraw
Global Settings tables GlobalAttribute, Currency, GasUnit, EmissionUnit
Summary Process tables SumTableLastLoad
Detail tables DeviceComponentStatePeriod, DeviceSample
API-related tables Application, Config, NamedDateRange


Schema diagrams

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Reporting tables


Collection tables


Summary tables

Detail tables




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