Publishing or Re-Publishing in Chameleon/Magiq

Article Original Creation Date: 2017-04-06


How to publish or re-publish in Chameleon/Magiq?

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the deployment server (remote desktop).
  2. Navigate to the Software\Bin folder where Chameleon is installated.
  3. Run the Config Tool CT.EI.Config.exe.  It may work better if you run it as Administrator (right-click on it and choose "Run as Administrator"). Screen_Shot_2019-04-04_at_5.54.40_PM.png
  4. Enter the password "admin".
  5. Select the Configuration Name on the left and select Publish Software on the toolbar at the top. Screen_Shot_2019-04-04_at_5.55.47_PM.png
  6. A dialog window will open showing the published revision number.
    • This will increment automatically (make sure the box is checked).
    • The Major/Minor fields are generally used to represent the actual version number.
    • It is important that this number is never decreased - only changed to higher values.
    • Unless you are installing a new release of the software, just let the program increment /update the revision number.
  7. Click Publish. 


  1. A process window will open showing various scripted operations (it will close on its own).
  2. You can close the config tool and test the deployment shortcut from your PC.




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