Setting Up a New User in Workflow Maintenance

Article Original Creation Date: 2016-09-29


How to add a new user to a workgroup in a workflow.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps given below to set up a new user in Workflow/Workgroup Maintenance.

Note: Ensure that the New User has been added to the Computron User File.

Step 1: Copy workgroups from the existing user

  • Launch Workgroup Maintenance.
  • Enter the following information on the KS1 screen as illustrated below.


Enter the following fields:

  • The User ID for the New User.
  • The user ID for the User to Copy From.
  • Click the button Copy Work Groups for User.

The following confirmation message will appear on screen:


Step 2: Generate workflow menus for the new user 

  • Click on Generate Workflow Menus button.


  • An input screen will be displayed.

Create User Menus

  • Enter the User ID.
  • Click on the Create User Menu button.


 The User Menu will now be created.




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