Rebuilding Cache to Resolve KetlLoader Error


In some cases, Knova Services returns a KetlLoader.exe Error. This issue is caused by corrupted reporting of cache files. Deleting the queryClassCacheDB folder from KNOVA_HOME resolves this issue. The folder will then automatically rebuild the cache after you run the KetlLoader.exe command.

The same error, DocInfoCache Error occurs in other releases, versions 8.1.1 to The document cache must be purged when you start getting duplicate search results.

This article provides steps on how you can rebuild the QCcache and OrientDB Cache. Rebuilding these fixes the KetlLoader.exe Error or the DocInfoCache Error.


Reminder: Administrator access to the admin and web application servers are required.



To rebuild QCcache and OrientDB Cache, follow the steps below.

  1. Stop Knova Services.
  2. Delete the queryClassCacheDB folder from this path:
  3. Delete the DocInfoCache folder from the following locations:
    • Admin server - KNOVA_HOME\Data\AppData
    • Admin and Web application server - KNOVA_HOME\Data\kdocCache
  4. Restart Knova Services.
  5. Run the Kettle Loader using the command:
    -start=<YYYY-MM-DD> -end=<YYYY-MM-DD>



Ensure that the cache folders are successfully deleted from the admin server and web application server.  Once the cache folders are recreated, Knova Services will stop sending the error messages and duplicate search results.



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