Kettle Jobs Not Running


You may notice that Kettle jobs are not running and when you are trying to generate a report, it is not showing up-to-date data.

Also, Knova Services may return a KetlLoader.exe Error or DocInfoCache Error in versions 8.1.1 to And you may start getting duplicate search results.

Reminder: Administrator access to the admin and web application servers are required.


This issue is caused by corrupted reporting cache files. To resolve it, you need to delete the queryClassCacheDB folder from KNOVA_HOME. The folder will then automatically rebuild QCcache and OrientDB Cache after you run the KetlLoader.exe command.

  1. Stop Knova Services.
  2. Delete the queryClassCacheDB folder from this path:
  3. Delete the DocInfoCache folder from the following locations:
    • Admin server - KNOVA_HOME\Data\AppData
    • Admin and Web application server - KNOVA_HOME\Data\kdocCache
  4. Restart Knova Services.
  5. Run the Kettle Loader using the command:
    -start=<YYYY-MM-DD> -end=<YYYY-MM-DD>

If you are still facing issues with Kettle, submit a support request including zipped log files from the \Knova\Software\Platform\Log directory for the following services: 

  • Commoncontainer
  • Kettle Loader



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