Error: "CSVBDLL ERROR: Host process terminating abnormally" When Using Voucher Transfer Across Companies



When using the Accounts Payable (AP) Voucher Transfer/Reverse/Delete function to post or transfer a voucher across companies, you may encounter the following error:

CSVBDLL ERROR: Host process terminating abnormally.
Please check your host log file.


Despite the error, the voucher is transferred successfully. In addition to that, regardless of whether an error occurs, when a voucher is transferred across companies, sometimes the invoice number is overwritten and replaced with SAI-.

Root Cause

There is a program defect in the APFAUEXT and ictrans programs in VBAUI 15.0.



The main workaround is to restart the Computron server.

If you experience the error after restarting the server, please reach out to our Support team at to obtain the latest version of the APFAUEXT and ictrans programs.


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